I feel Infinite…

TattooThis is my first tattoo.  I want to explain why I got it and what it means.

The image is a Infinity sign, a mathematical symbol.  It represents a state of being infinite, going on forever.  I reason I chose it is complicated.  I have scars on my left wrist, tiny scars to most people, that have built up over the years from episodes of self harm.  I wanted an image to stop me from cutting, so I decided on an image (a long time ago) that represents the idea that life goes on.  It also reminds, after the fact, of the Perks of Being a Wallflower quote, “I feel infinite.”

This tattoo will remind me of those I’ve lost and the possibilities of the future.  Honestly, I still getting used to the idea that I have inked myself permanently, but it is only a matter of time before I fully incorporate this new thing into myself.

I got this tattoo in a moment of courage and perhaps, mania.  It barely took 15 minutes before it was done.  I have been thinking about this tattoo for several years now and did not just do it for fun.  It holds heavy meaning for me.  I don’t really plan I getting another unless something else comes up, but I’m glad I decided on getting this one a few days ago.


One thought on “I feel Infinite…

  1. I have a similar tattoo picked out, but with my children’s names in the loops. I currently have 2 inked bad decisions- not my proudest moments- that I someday hope to cover.


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